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Sunday, November 19, 2006


Guys, i've decided to shift to Wordpress since this site is not accesible in our office.
In wordpress I would be able to update my blog as latest as possible.
I do apologize for the inconvenience.

This will be my link in wordpress: http://maxiadrian.wordpress.com/

Sunday, November 12, 2006


OCTOBER 1, 2006

I just came from a meeting a make-up artist, stylist and some of my photographer friends and one of them informed me about the event at the world trade enter. At first I was hesistant to go there because I am all alone. I didn't even know the program proper. But my inner self told me to go. To my surprise, the event was a blast! The only downside is that there are a lot of people roaming around, most especially teeners between 14-18 years old. I just took some shots from different booths, models and tried some lates technology trends. I haven't shot some cosplays before so this would be my first time. I even met a photographer friend and company buddy there! We shoot a lot and watched the championship match of RF Online (too bad Accretia lose). Iya Villania, rocked the stage as she was the guest speaker and Gloc 9 added up to the rhytm for his rapid style of rapping. I wasn't able to take some pictures of kamikazee. I was too tired to continue until late night of the event. *sigh


September 30, 2006

My second time to be in a car show (i think it's my third time but was not really sure). Oh well, I guess it's my third time but the second time to take some photos seriously.

Car Show was held in Megamall Trade Hall. It was a Saturday and "Milenyo" had it's aftermath. I was thinking that I will be experiencing heavy traffic to go there but my intinct is wrong this time. I have my friend with me because it's too hard for me to be alone while taking pictures. Besides, it's a lot fun when you are in groups. At the venue, I also met one of my colleague in the office and she joined our company.

The cars by this time are not impressive. Except for the Lamborgini (of course!) , Aston Martin (definitely!) and the Nissan Fairlady Z33 (i love this one). Took a lot of pictures on the cars and also on the models. I was lucky enough to take a picture of Jocelyn Oxlade (Winner of Miss 2005 Hawaian Tropic).

We left the venue @ almost 6:00. It was almost tiring but i've enjoyed the event and this time, i took a lot of decent shots.

Here the picture of Jocelyn Oxlade at the Car Show.

for larger pics and more shots @ the car show, you can visit my flickr gallery @


Tuesday, November 07, 2006


September 28, 2006

Manila was under "Signal Number 3" as typhoon "Milenyo" (international name: Xangsane) fast approached the city. I didn't know how strong the winds are until I woke up late in the evening to found out that our place is battered. Electricity is down so we are using back-up lampshades and candles. I was hoping that I will be able to go to work. I have a feeling that commuting will not be easy. And so it be. Jeepney's are very scarce but I was fortunate enough to ride one. Trains are suspended so I depend on the jeepney route. Streets are very dark. I can't see a thing. I need to use my cellphone's flashlight while walking my way in Recto.

At work, most of us didn't go home the morning before the typhoon. And also, some didn't manage to leave the premise while the typhoon is annihilating the streets of Metro. But, life goes on for us working in a call center. We are supporting american clients so they don't care if we are being strucked by a calamity.

Well, i don't have any news about the aftermath but the next day. I went home and decided to leave early. I have a feeling that i will experience the heaviest traffic up to date. And I am not mistaken. I left our house in Las Piñas at 2:00pm. and I arrived at work 7:00pm. Imagine those 5 hours wasted? One of the reasons are captured my camera (I was able to bring my cam on that time).

I was riding in a bus at that time and i noticed a giant billboard was above a passenger bus. The strong winds brought the mountain down. Whew!, I can see destruction everywhere. Trees down, billboards down, tarpauline flown away, building cements cracked, rooftops removed and even houses buried. I would like to pray for those who have been majorly affected and thank God that me and my family is safe.


September 10, 2006

Our account AT&T DSL has reached it's first year! wooohooo. We celebrated the event in Dencios located at Greenhills, San Juan Metro Manila. As expected, they are expecting me to bring my camera. I can't refuse but I will not deny either. This is a photo opportunity for me to enhance my shooting skills and to try shooting events.

It was very tiring indeed! when all of the attention is on you since I am the only one who brought a camera. Good thing I discovered that one of my colleague is a graphic artist and he had tried shooting events using film. At least I had managed to take a rest and let him enjoy my camera (he loves it! and he never stopped until i said so. hahaha)

A good thing happened is that when they showcased all of my pictures using a slideshow in a projector that reflects some events that happened before our one year. Im very proud that my photos are given attention and credit.

Now that's a bonus for me. ;)

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Dekada 70 (AT&T Fish Event)

September 1 - 2, 2006

"Fish Event"? that's the first question that i have in mind. "What the hell is that?". I asked my colleague Julie and she informed that it's just a normal party in which some certain accounts do in the middle of a year. It can be a super hero theme, pajama party, cosplay etc. But right now, their theme is Dekada 70 in which you are required to dress up tha funkiest, grooviest fashion from the 70's era. Well for me, Im not that cooperative so I dress up a simple "brown polo" and "kuldoroy" (am i right about the spelling?) with a matching brown shoes.

As I enter our office I could see different people with weird clothing and fashion. I can't help but laugh on their style, maybe because it's different..rather unique. Oh! I forgot to tell that we also need to decorate our area with some 70's stuff. When you'll visit our area you can see a lot of big old cd's with different poster of some bands in the 70's. We even had a big screen in which we played different MTV's of Beegees, Whitney Houston, etc.

Of course, if there is a certain event like that, I should bring my camera. I know they will ask me to take a picture so I take the initiative.

I never failed... most of my colleague ask me to take their picture. I would find a spot with unusual lighting and then *click *click and *click away.

It was fun and I enjoyed the event. Hope that there would be more events like these in the near future. I can't wait to grab my camera and do the shooting.... again. ;)

Sunday, September 24, 2006


On the month of August, I enrolled the Basic Photography Workshop of photoworldmanila. Their offer is somewhat cheaper than other seminars that i've seen on the net. The location is in Fort Santiago which is a best place for me to take a lot of pictures. Four Sundays of meeting was more than enough for me to be accustomed on my craft. It was also the time when I meet a lot of friends, fellow photographer, enthusiasts that share the same passion.

August 13, 2006
-> woke up at 7:00, i ithought I'm going to be late. But i got there just in time.
-> met Sid, also working in sykes. My first friend there
-> introduction of every participant, we are almost 50 in the class.
-> start of lecture, basic camera operation, handling etc.
-> all afternoon shoot on the premises of fort santiago. (too bad the weather was not that cooperative).

August 20, 2006
-> presentation of last photo shoot. I received some harsh comments on my shot. (too bad, they don't appreciate it)
-> lecture on composition.
-> we are grouped by 7's.
-> me and my group are assigned to take group shots. we also need to use only one camera and one tripod as we are going to apply the basic composition techniques that our instructor taught us.
-> starting to have a lot of friends.
-> weather was pretty fine but it there are some rainshowers @ around 5:00
-> did some nightscapes with sid around intramuros.

August 27, 2006
-> presentation of works by every group. our presentation is not that bad. Karz is wonderful on explaining the story behind our pictures. our group may not be the best but for me, we are good enough
-> lighting lectures by sir ador. (i love this lesson)
-> practice lighting techniques (indoor and outdoor)
-> a photo contest was held and should be submitted next week as our final assignment.

September 3, 2006
-> lectures about creativity.
-> submission of photo entries as final assignment
-> free lunch + group presentations
-> judging of pictures (i received a negative comment on my still-life shot)
-> i did not won any prizes or not even nominated for top ten photos but I'm happy that more people appreciated my photos and I'm contented with that.
-> final words by our lecturers

Overall, it was pretty exciting and I really enjoyed the seminar as a whole. My view as a photographer has changed. I think, Im better now. I just need to enhance my craft. Practice... practice... practice...

By the way, Im also planning to take advance lessons this October. I hope I have enough money for the seminar fee. =)

Here are my photo entries:

1. Portrait under natural lighting.
2. Still life in any lighting condition.

Sunday, September 17, 2006


Sorry if I was not be able to post blogs for almost a month.
My internet was down here @ home and I can't even find some time to rent in a cafe.
I also cannot access "blogger.com" in our office. The website has been restricted by our IT department. (what a lamer...)

But be glad! Internet was up right now although I have to buy a "wireless router" as those techs configured my dsl router as "bridging". They also disabled my access to it so I have no choice but to use a router.

Expect some updates that happened to me for the last 4 weeks.

Enjoy Life and Capture It! =)

Wednesday, August 16, 2006


July 30, 2006

Well, I should really update my blog as often as possible to catch with the latest events. ;)
It was a rainy sunday then, I planned to celebrate my birthday with some of my close friends at this day. Meeting up at 711 by 3:00 then ride a taxi all the way to SM Mall of Asia. If you "filipino time" then you already guessed that we did not left the premise at 3:00. We left 10 minutes before 4. Me, Cary, Joshua, JM and Mich (my gf) arrived in MoA aroun 4:30. Anna, Vanessa and Aran was already there strolling or doing some window shopping. We all met together by around 5:00pm near the ice skating rink. The original plan was to for me to treat them in a fine dining restaurant (I have Max's restaruant resembling my name to make it more ironic ;p) but some wanted to watch the film "Sukob" by Kris Aquino. JM left because he has some errands to do. Joshua doesn't want to watch the movie so he decided to explore the mall. The rest, enjoyed the movie including me. After the movie, we went to Max's restaurant but unfortunately, it was full already and we need to wait a little longer before we can finally order. Some of my friends have their work at night so I have to decide on a different venue. Gerry's Grill came up to my mind and so be it. We went to the venue and made an order. Different kinds of filipino food. From "Nilagang baka", "Sinigang na Baboy", "Crispy Pata" and other mouth-watering dishes. I was also surprised that one of my friend Joem called informing me that she will come and attend on my celebration. So all of us enjoyed the evening and as time passes by....slowly....some of them left already as they need to be present on their job. Aran, Cary, Joem, Michelle and Me were left and we went home in different directions. I'm delightful that I was able to celebrate my 21st birthday with them. It will truly be a night to remember.....

I would also like to thank my sweet, loving girlfriend for her wonderful gift that she gave me last August 1. I'm so lucky to have her in my life.... =)

Monday, August 14, 2006


It was a sunny saturday July 15, 2006 when we went to one of the many pools in Pansol Laguna. Along with my cousins, auntie's and uncle's we decided to stop over Sun City. We are enjoying the rest of the day swimming, chatting and eating!. Around 3pm. I went outside the resort and I noticed that there are a lot of sidewalk vendors selling different kinds of plants and flowers. Flowers... one of my favorite subject!.

Of course I always bring my camera in times like this. I asked the vendors if it's ok to photograph some of their flowers. On their go signal, I started shooting like there's no tomorrow.

Many photographers especially men are saying that taking pictures of flowers is nonsense. It's like wasting you camera's shutterclick. Those photographers are the one's who don't know how to appreciate the beauty of nature. Colors from different flowers are stunning and makes a beautiful photograph that will mesmerize your viewers once they've seen it. If I've given a chance, I will travel to a place where there will be a lots of flowers as my subject (Baguio perhaps?) Who knows? I can use my pictures for greeting cards, invitations and other useful things. =)